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There are four parts to this tutorial: a pretest, the tutorial, a post-test, and a certificate of completion.

1) Pretest
This test is to be taken immediately. This quiz will test your base line knowledge of child abuse. Your pre-test score will be compared to your post-test score to evaluate how much you have learned from the tutorial. Do not be alarmed if you do not score high on the pretest; this tutorial will teach you all you need to know to perform well on the post-test. After you take the pre-test, you will be returned to the Table of Contents page of the tutorial.

2) Tutorial
The tutorial should take approximately one and a half hours for you to complete; however, there is no time limit. You can progress through the tutorial by using the navigation menu on the left. You can explore the turorial in any order you wish but be sure to cover all the topics as knowledge of the material will be required to pass the test. Be sure to scroll down on each page to make sure that you read all the information.

As you work through each topic, you will be able to test your knowledge. There will be multiple choice and true false questions about the content as well as case examples to respond to by picking the best course of action. Take advantage of these opportunities; they will help you on the post-test.

3) Post-test
The post-test will assess your knowledge. Its format will be similar to the pre test. A passing score is 80%.

4) Certificate of Completion
If you successfully pass the post-test, you will be prompted to print a certification of completion. This certificate of completion can be used to confirm a passing score on the test.

5) Survey : Dr. Kenny would welcome any feedback on this training module. Please answer the survey questions at the tab on top of this page. It will only take about 5 minutes, but will greatly help us in improving the website and understanding its impact on students.