Child Abuse Tutorial: The Role of the Mandated Reporter

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When children are victims of abuse and neglect, they often carry the scars - both physical and emotional - with them for the rest of their lives. Victims of abuse and neglect may have difficulty leading productive lives; eventually society, as well as the individual, pays the price. Each year, hundreds of thousands of children in the United States are victims of abuse. Given both the immediate and long term psychological and behavioral difficulties that victims can suffer, early identification is necessary.

Educators are in a unique position to identify children who may be abused. Reporting such abuse is an important first step in assisting children and preventing future occurrences. Early detection can stop further harm to children and help families get the assistance they need. Child abuse prevention is everyone's concern. However, as a future education professional, your professional involvement in the identification and reporting of child abuse is both a legal and ethical requirement.

Who should use this tutorial?

This website was created to inform future education professionals of their role as mandated reporters of child abuse. Developed as a training module for education students at Florida International University, its application extends beyond this population.

Anyone working with children in a school, community agency, hospital, child care center, or other setting will benefit from this interactive learning experience. Understanding child abuse and the risks associated with it will benefit all professionals.


Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the various types of maltreatment.
  • Identify signs of maltreatment in children.
  • Understand both the short and long term psychological problems that maltreated children may suffer.
  • Become familiar with the procedure for reporting child abuse in Florida.


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There are four parts to this tutorial: a pretest, the tutorial, a post-test, and a certificate of completion.

1) Pretest
This test is to be taken immediately. This quiz will test your base line knowledge of child abuse. Your pre-test score will be compared to your post-test score to evaluate how much you have learned from the tutorial. Do not be alarmed if you do not score high on the pretest; this tutorial will teach you all you need to know to perform well on the post-test. After you take the pre-test, you will be returned to the Table of Contents page of the tutorial.

2) Tutorial
The tutorial should take approximately one and a half hours for you to complete; however, there is no time limit. You can progress through the tutorial by using the navigation menu on the left. You can explore the turorial in any order you wish but be sure to cover all the topics as knowledge of the material will be required to pass the test. Be sure to scroll down on each page to make sure that you read all the information.

As you work through each topic, you will be able to test your knowledge. There will be multiple choice and true false questions about the content as well as case examples to respond to by picking the best course of action. Take advantage of these opportunities; they will help you on the post-test.

3) Post-test
The post-test will assess your knowledge. Its format will be similar to the pre test. A passing score is 80%.

4) Certificate of Completion
If you successfully pass the post-test, you will be prompted to print a certification of completion. This certificate of completion can be used to confirm a passing score on the test.

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